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Debunking 7 Myths about Christian Homeschooling 

Sadly, there are many myths surrounding Christian homeschooling - ones I used to believe myself. In fact, before I took the courageous step into home education, I thought only weird families chose to homeschool their children.Weird or not, the world of Christian homeschooling is a vibrant community of believers who love the Lord and desire to train their children in the way they should go. Most are committed to instilling a biblical worldview while also teaching their children according to their gifts and strengths. The benefits of homeschooling, in my opinion, far outweigh the misconceptions.After navigating through the myths I used to believe, I now deeply respect those who venture into this often unpopular form of education. Here are seven Christian homeschooling myths debunked.
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Christian Homeschooling Vs. Public Schooling

I guess you could say we've experienced the best (and worst) of both worlds while learning a few important things along the way. Here is an informative comparison between Christian homeschooling vs. public schooling, as well as a few advantages and disadvantages. If you're trying to decide what is best for your family, I hope this post removes some guesswork and helps you make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Christian Homeschooling

Solid, Christian homeschooling includes the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of our children while also providing safety from the negative influences of the culture. There are many advantages of incorporating Christian values into our children's education. Establishing a Biblical foundation, emphasizing character development, personalizing curriculum, creating strong family bonds, and reducing exposure to negative influences are just a few of the fantastic benefits of Christian homeschooling.

3 Fun Bible-Based Science Experiments for Homeschooling

One of the best things about homeschooling is that you get to choose as many science experiments as you like! After all, hands-on learning often makes the most significant impact on young minds. If you're looking for more Bible-based science experiments to enrich your home education, here are three fun projects to consider. Enjoy!Photo credit: ©GettyImages/AleksandarNakic

A Balanced Approach to Learning about Columbus Day

I don't point out God's providence to whitewash the history of explorers, colonialism, slavery, or any other evils that taint all history. We should never minimize these sins. We must not, however, lose sight of God's ability and desire to redeem and restore.

How to Create Your Ideal Homeschool Schedule

We began homeschooling four years ago when my oldest son entered Kindergarten. Every new homeschooling year the daily homeschool schedule that we have followed has changed dramatically.As our kids have grown, entered new grades, and over some years we have even added members to the family; there has been a new set of needs we have needed to accommodate. So far for us that has meant that what we did last year can’t work this year.This doesn’t mean you have to keep reinventing the wheel with each new season but it does mean that careful consideration is required for how you structure your family's time.Homeschool comes with little to no one-size-fits all method for how you should get things done. Your home is unique and you as a homeschool parent have the privilege of determining the best way to meet the needs that exist in your home.This is both the greatest joy and headache of being a homeschooler! Sometimes it would just be easier if someone else could come in and tell us exactly how to do it all.The good news is that while you have to be the one to decide how to structure your family’s routine; there are so many tools out there that can help empower and inspire you.Here are 3 ideas on how you can create a simple homeschooling schedule that will work well for you, and some resources that could be of huge help to your family!Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/vadimguzhva

How Grandparents Can Help Homeschool Their Grandchildren

Grandparents who help with the family’s homeschool program gain immense satisfaction and enjoyment from helping their grandchildren grow and mature. Grandchildren who learn from grandparents forever cherish the memories of the time they spent together.

4 Ways I Know Homeschool Was the Right Choice for My Family

When God convicted my family to disciple our children in an unconventional way by homeschooling, we indeed thought the idea was radical. A friend of ours said: “It’s such an old idea, it’s new.”It is true. Biblically, the notion is familiar, yet remains unfamiliar.Although the world may see it as unconventional, radical, or even wrong for parents to homeschool their children, there is clear evidence that affirms why homeschooling is right for my family.
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3 Helpful Learning and Focusing Methods for ADHD Children

Although it is not possible to entirely eliminate ADD/ADHD behaviors, in the field of special education and nutrition, we have found that there are many ways to make learning and attention easier for a child who is suffering from symptoms of hyperactivity/attention disorder or memory issues. We have found targeted nutrition, midline therapy, and right-brain teaching methods to aid children, teens, and adults in focusing and retaining information more easily.

50 Fun & Educational Field Trip Ideas

Sometimes our homeschooling needs "something", some kind of a spark, something new and different, something that doesn't necessarily involve pencils and paper, something that gets our bodies moving and our spirits refreshed. Sometimes we need--a field trip!

Online Christian Homeschool Programs: The Top 15

Homeschooling is not a new way of educating our children. All children were taught from home before the turn of the 20th century. Public school was introduced in the late 19th century, and attendance laws were enacted. The movement to have children receive their education outside the home began.In the 1980s, homeschooling came back on the scene. It was primarily evangelical Christians taking advantage of this opportunity. Because of religious convictions and a rising aversion to public schools, homeschooling saw a growth in popularity.The year 2023 is proving to set a new record in homeschooling. To help these families and others considering homeschool options, we are discussing why you should consider homeschooling and listing the best Christian homeschool programs just for you.Get our popular Ultimate Field Trip Bucket List to print out and check off the ones you do!Photo credit: ©Getty Images/monkeybusinessimages

How to Stay Patient through Homeschooling

Be aware of the things that upset, frustrate, or set off your children. When you see these patterns occur, you can better remedy the problem—understanding the why behind the outburst can lead to more empathy and moving through the issue more quickly.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Homeschool Year

Every summer, starting in July, I pull all the books off the shelf and start reorganizing our baskets for the new year. It's an unhurried process for me. I like to tackle one thing at a time to not let the magnitude of the task of preparing for a new year of learning again and seemingly so soon overwhelm me.I've learned over the years that there is no one-size-fits-all method to prepare your home for a school year. Some of my friends meticulously plan out each week ahead of time. Others attend conferences and curriculum sales to gain inspiration and new content to add to their school day. Some of us wait until the day before we crack open the books once again to ensure we have everything we need to get started. Your method is the best method for your family.Even though the specifics of how you organize your school room or calendar are for you to determine, there are a few things that we all should do in order to prepare for the school year. We each need to take time to seek the Lord as we prepare our homes for our learning routine. Creating a routine for your home is also vital to keep everyone sane on this journey. Here are a few more ways to prepare for your homeschool year:Photo credit: ©GettyImages/NicoElNino


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