3 Ways Prayer Can Help Your Kids Fall Asleep

Just as adults have fears and worries, our children have them too. Being able to voice those cares and concerns and cast them on the One who made them and wants good things for their lives is a blessing for them before bed.

14 Encouraging and Empowering Verses for Parents of Special Needs Children

The uncertainty and struggles can lead to feelings of loneliness, despair, bitterness and hopelessness. When we acknowledge our feelings and surrender them to God, we find hope and encouragement. We may wonder where God is and what He has to say about parenting our special needs child. Turning to God’s word shows us the answer!

13 Things I Want My Son to Know as He Turns 13

The list that follows is not necessarily what I've learned, or all I've learned. It’s what I recommend as guides for YOU, right now, entering your teens, of what you'll never be sorry you learned.

Do I Expect Too Much from My Child?

When we follow this biblical command, motivated by love, it will help calm our worry over whether or not we expect too much from our children, or ourselves.


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