7 Affirmations to Live By in the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic is wreaking havoc with immediate challenges, far-reaching consequences, and life-and-death circumstances. President Trump warns that “we are fighting an invisible enemy.” While we indeed fight, we can draw closer to our Deliverer. Only he can whisper his peace to our hearts. Only he can be our firm rock to stand on amidst the shifting sands of our circumstances. In addition, God can help us recognize and multiply what is redeeming for us even now. In response to all that God offers, here are seven strength-giving affirmations to live by amidst the COVID–19 crisis:

10 Warning Signs You Need to Let Him Go

In case you’re already contemplating the question Should I stay or should I go? let me help you decide on what could be the difference between a successful marriage and a misery-ever-after or painful divorce. Here are 10 signs you need to not just put on the brakes, but all-out let him go.

Are You with Someone Who Knows How to Pursue You?

It’s easy when you’re dating someone to get caught up in the emotions of the relationship. It’s new, exciting, and usually full of hope. So, it can be quite difficult to bring your head back down from the clouds and look realistically at the relationship.


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