10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Singles in Your Life

The holiday season has arrived, and preparations to celebrate with family, friends, and even strangers are underway. One of the most adored holidays of the year is Christmas. For believers, this holiday represents and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It's the time of year when the giving spirit strikes people worldwide in many different ways. Some volunteer their time, some open their homes, and others purchase gifts. As holiday shopping begins, many may be confused about what to purchase for others, particularly the single people in your life. With so many options and loved ones to buy for, this can be a daunting task. However, it doesn't have to be. If you're confused about what to buy your single loved one for Christmas, take a look at the list below to get your thoughts started.

1. A devotional.

Devotionals are one of the most valuable gifts someone can have. They serve as a spiritual guide for each calendar day of the year to help believers navigate through life's challenges. If you want to give the singles in your life a gift they can use daily, buy them a devotional dedicated to their single journey or their walk in discipleship. This can help them jump-start their new year off the right way.

2. A Bible.

What better gift to give anyone than a copy of God's Holy Word? You can give one that has tabs in it for quick look-up, one that has a built-in journal or a personal favorite, or a study Bible to guide them through each day with learning and studying God's Holy Word. Everyone, no matter what their relationship status is, needs a good Bible to hold near and dear to their heart.

3. A planner.

Life changes and happens every day, so what better way to help someone plan their days than by giving them a planner for the upcoming year? Planners come in many shapes and sizes with different inspirational messages to get someone up and moving. So, if you want to help that special single someone in your life look forward to the upcoming year, grab a planner that fits their personality and give it to them this holiday season.

4. Gift cards to their favorite places.

Gift cards are some of the most thoughtful gifts a person can give. They provide a person with the opportunity to go to their favorite store and spend without using their own money. They also provide the opportunity for someone to treat themselves anytime they want without concerning themselves with a budget. So, if you want to go the extra mile

5. You can always offer the gift of good company.

You can get creative, prepare a unique invitation, and invite a single person out for breakfast, brunch, or an evening on the town for no special reason at all. Good company is often hard to come by, so why not gift a single person the blessing of quality time?

6. Inspiring words of affirmation to begin the New Year.

Everyone needs a boost of confidence, so why not gift the singles in your life a series of words of affirmation? You can purchase a book, a journal, or a calendar with them. If you want, you can go the extra mile and create a board of affirmations customized for the single person/people in your life you desire to encourage or have 12 cards (one for each month of the year) with an affirming message for each month of the year.

7. The gift of positive support in their singleness.

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Singles are often inundated with questions about dating, marriage, children, ministry work, etc. If you want to give a single believer a gift that will reach their heart, it is genuine and consistent support on their single journey. A kind word, a sincere prayer, and an invitation to a gathering without the pressure of finding a mate will positively impact an unmarried believer's journey more than you know.

8. A prayer journal.

There is nothing like a prayer journal to guide your thoughts and prayers to God. Gifting a single person a prayer journal will show them that you care about their prayer life. It will also show them that you want them to grow in prayer with God. Prayer journals are additional valuable tools any believer can use on their walk in discipleship.

9. A custom gift basket filled with their favorite things.

Giving a single person a gift basket with a few of their favorite things is a creative way to show them that they are valuable and you care. The basket doesn't have to be filled with many things, but meaningful trinkets that are someone's personal favorites will go a long way. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the basket is decorated and filled with joy for the single person you've decided to bless with a basket of goodies.

10. The gift of a prayer partner accompanied with a schedule.

Everyone needs prayer. Whether it's prayer time alone with God, corporate prayer, or prayer with a partner, prayer is essential to life. This year, for Christmas, you can give a single person in your life the gift of prayer partnership for one year, accompanied by a well-mapped-out schedule. The schedule can also include you and your partner's favorite Scriptures for meditation, reflection, and discussion. Everyone needs prayer, and having someone to walk in prayer with every day of your life will bring value to your life and the lives of others around you.

Gifts come in many forms and are given for many reasons. This holiday season, make it your mission to provide gifts that speak to someone's soul and help them along their journey called life. While many gifts come in physical form, there are a few unsung gifts that come from the heart that aren't physical. Take a look at the short list below to see a few gifts that are free for you to give to any single person you come in contact with.

Other Gifts You Can Give Singles that You Don't Have to Purchase:

  • Prayers for peace and prosperity in this season of their lives. Please learn to pray for singles to love and live joyfully during this time of their lives rather than praying for them to find a mate. Believe it or not, every single person does not desire marriage.
  • The gift of silence. Many singles believe that being single is a burden and often become weary during the holiday season. If you really want to be a blessing to singles during the holiday season and after, cease-fire with the questions of dating, marriage, and children.
  • Encouragement to live prosperously in their singleness. Take some time to encourage an unmarried believer to walk proudly in their single season and not rush into marriage.

As you continue in this holiday season, be sure to give gifts that touch someone's soul. Give gifts you know their hearts will desire. Give fits that are useful to someone, but most importantly, give gifts from the heart to encourage someone who may feel discouraged during this season and every season.

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Crosswalk Contributor Liz LampkinAuthor Liz Lampkin is an experienced writer, teacher, and speaker. She is an advocate for singles who encourages them to live their best life God’s way. Follow her on Instagram @Liz_Lampkin.



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