7 Beautiful Psalms of Praise in the Bible

The Psalms are among the best-known and most-read sections of Scripture. In the Psalms, we are given testimonies of praise, lament, repentance, and worship. We are given a preview of who the Messiah will be, and how his salvation will reach throughout the world.

What Exactly Is Worship?

Worship. When we hear that word, we may think of our hearts soaring as we sing hymns in church. Or maybe we think of an incredible sunset that puts God's power and glory on display. Maybe we even think of a moment of prayer and confession with a trusted friend. There are so many different ways to worship, but what exactly does this word mean? Let's take a look at what Scripture says about worship, and why engaging in it is so crucial for us as believers.

9 Benefits of Worshiping during 'Why, God' Trials

If you're in a season of asking "why, God?"—try opening your heart to worship. The one who has promised to work all things for good (Romans 8:28) has never broken his promises, and is worthy and able to see you through.

20 Psalms and Songs of Peace for a Worried Spirit

What fills our minds affects our entire being. While it’s difficult to distinguish truth from distortion or lies, the Bible provides an unfailing, reliable source that helps us discern the truth from all that is false. The book of Psalms is filled with contemplations that bring peace.

What Does the Bible Say About Music and What We Should Listen To?

Who doesn't love music? It's there for us when we are happy, when we are sad, when we need to get pumped up. We sing in church and in the shower. But is there more to music than just entertainment? Plenty of Bible characters sang and played music, and a deeper look at Scripture reveals that music has a unique ability to connect believers, and reveal deeper Gospel truths to us.

Why Don't You Hear God When You Need Him the Most?

It can be difficult to understand why you don’t hear from God when you need Him the most. You might even assume He doesn’t care. Even when God’s voice is hard to hear, He can absolutely be trusted to lead, direct, and provide for you in every season. Here are 4 reasons why you don’t hear God when you need Him most:


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