Cynthia Brathwaite



Reverend Cynthia Brathwaite and her husband Elder Carson Brathwaite lead the ministry at Promise Worship Center.  From an early age, Pastor Cynthia sensed that God was calling her into ministry and after evading the call for a number of years, finally surrendered in obedience.  She has a God-given assignment to preach, teach and reach men and women who are lost  and and trapped in brokenness.  She believes that God has chosen her to be a blessing to families in crisis, to help in the healing and maturity of believers, and the nurturing of backsliders back to spiritual life in Christ.  You will be challenge, changed and blessed when you hear this powerful and anointed pastor and preacher of the word. 


Pastor Cynthia has written a number of poetry, some of which are compiled in her book, “Journey through Life,” and published in 2003.  She continues to write poetry occasionally for various occasions and as inspired.



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