The Divine Connection

The Divine Connection

My name is Shoshana Rubin.

Welcome to “The Divine Connection. This is the Lords Platform. I am a Seer Prophet, a witness, and a friend of Jesus. I have been chosen and anointed by God as a Prophet to the Nations. The Lord has given me a divine connection to him. The Lord has raised all of my senses to a divine level to help advance his Glorious Kingdom. All Praise and Glory goes to The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I am his, he is mine and WE ARE ONE.

I want the world to know who he truly is. The world will see his power on display. The Lord is going to do miracles all over the world. There will be mass healings, there will be people raised from the dead and millions will be saved says the Lord. Hallelujah!!! I take absolutely no credit for anything. I am obedient and I love and trust Abba Father with all of my heart. People are truly hurting in the world and they need to know who Jesus is. They need to know the Savior of the World. They need to know they are loved by the Almighty God. They need to know the Father cares about everything in their lives. He is always speaking, we just have to listen. The Lord has a lot to say and he is always speaking, always. He wants to heal, deliver and save you. He wants a very intimate relationship with you.

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