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3:00PM - 3:30PM

Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

The best thing you can do for your marriage is to get emotionally healthy! Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott reveal the hallmarks of emotional health—discovering your profound significance to God, being unswervingly authentic, and giving yourself through love.
4:00PM - 4:30PM

Grace to You with John MacArthur

You might have met people who say they can’t embrace Christianity specifically because they find the thought of God sending people to hell repulsive. So why do Christians need to preach this unpopular doctrine . . . what does the Bible actually say about hell . . . and most importantly how do you . . .
4:30PM - 5:00PM

Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Imagine you were going hungry and God made it rain heavenly bread for you. Join us as Dr. McGee teaches through Exodus 16, when God sent manna to the children of Israel as a symbol of His promise to satisfy our souls as the true Bread of Life.  
5:15PM - 5:30PM

Be Still

Join Pastor Catherine Miller for "Be Still" the Radio Ministry of Hill Memorial Baptist Church in Allston, MA every Saturday at 5:15pm. "Hill Memorial Baptist Church is welcoming and inclusive Christian congregation located at the intersection of . . .


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