Morning Star Baptist Church - Beacon Light

Morning Star Baptist Church - Beacon Light

Morning Star Baptist Church has become one of the fastest growing churches in greater Boston. The church was founded on June 14, 1965 by a handful of parishioners who held their initial worship services in the home of its first Pastor, the Rev. James Meadows. At this time, our beloved Mother Richardson, inspired by scripture, gave the church its name. Morning Star was officially established in August of 1965. From its humble beginnings, the church has grown to be a well known, highly regarded, full gospel assembly of over 1800 members.

In 1981, Reverend John M. Borders, III was officially installed as Pastor becoming the youngest pastor to serve Morning Star. It has been under his leadership that the church has experienced its most significant growth. Rev. Borders and his associate ministers have been highly successful in bridging generations, attracting younger church members while continuing to fulfill the needs of more senior members. His dynamic preaching and teaching of scripture, his spiritual leadership and organizational acumen have been inspirational. Under his leadership, Morning Star’s membership, ministries and community service programs have flourished.

Morning Star Baptist Church is committed to improving the quality of spiritual and economic life for its membership and for residents of the surrounding community.

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About Pastor John Borders III

Bishop John M. Borders, III is the visionary and Senior Pastor for Morning Star Baptist Church, located in Boston, MA. Bishop Borders started his pastoral ministry in 1981.

He has become well known for his unique style in expounding the Scriptures, making them come alive to a multitude of audiences and is the author of, “Unlikely Blessings: Discovering Happiness through the life of Joseph,” published by PostHill Press in March of 2014. Bishop Borders is a spiritual father and mentor to ministers and pastors across the country.


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